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Curtis Boat Rentals & Curtis Area Fishing

Welcome to our Curtis Michigan boat rentals page. South Manistique Lake is part of the largest lake complex in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Manistique Lakes are beautiful and rich with activities. Fishing is popular year-round and many enjoy the sport of ice-fishing during the winter season.

Curtis MI Boat Rentals

South Manistique Lake Boat Rentals
The average depth is 10' with the deepest point being 29'.

Visitors to Curtis can enjoy all of our area lakes and streams

with a total of over 20,000 acres of lake water to enjoy!
drop off and pick up fee $50.00
off site rentals add $50.00

Resort Rates





Pontoon Boats, Pleasure and Fishing

$ 550 $ 150
14ft Fishing Boats 15 horse Mercurys

$ 200

$ 50

Life jackets required by MI law

(please bring small children's life jackets)

 no charge

no charge

We are dedicated to helping you experience the best in

Upper Michigan fishing, right here from the front door of our newly renovated resort.